Every Women Wants healthy Skin. Some Facts You Should know about Skin Care.

healthy skin

Every woman wants to have a good and healthy skin.

For the good and healthy skin, there is a need of fast blood circulation. Steam is very good for this purpose. If you take the steam of natural things then your skin will have more beauty. Steam can clean your skin from the dust or other pollutions.

The dust and other impurities get stored in the pores of our skin. If we clean them then naturally our skin will shine and become healthy. The experts are of the view that we have to take steam on regular basis.

In this way we can save our skin from the acne. Those how has dry skin must take steam. Steam proves a natural tonic for their dry skin. They will feel the difference after having the steam. But the condition is this that they have to take steam on regular basis.

The women who have oily skin can take steam on daily basis. On the same time the women with normal skin should take steam once a week. The women with dry skin should use some natural herbs in the steaming water. Boil the water in a bowl.

Then pour some rose petals, almond oil and rose oil in that hot water. Cover the bowl with the lid for 5 minutes. After that, take the steam of that water. All these ingredients will help to reduce the dryness of your skin. It will make your skin soft and glowing.

Oily skin

The women with oily skin must take steam. Use the rose merry, parsley and the mint leaves in the hot water. Mint is very good for the oily skin. It will save the skin from acne. On the same time you can use castor oil in that water. This oil is very good for the healthy skin.

Normal skin

Use chamomile flower, the leaves of raspberry, the leaves of strawberry and the mint leaves for steaming. Pour all these things in a bowl and boil them then take the steam. All these ingredients are very healthy and good for all type of skin.

Sensitive skin

The ladies with sensitive skin must take steam. Use chamomile, rose and mint leaves for steam. First boil the water than pour these leaves in it and cover it for 5 minutes. And after 5 minutes, take the steam of that water.

After taking the steam never forget to use the toner. It is very good to keep the skin soft and healthy.


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