DNA storage is a future of storing Digital data


New York: US experts have a new experience of storing digital data in the DNA that is being made an important practical step towards DNA hard drives in the future.

Scientists of Columbia University and New York Genome Center developed a system in a joint collaboration. They saved data containing an old French film, an Amazon gift cards and other digital files in DNA. It was not only saved without any trouble but it was also retrieved successfully.

Experts say digital data created in last 2 years is more than the digital data created in history of computers. If the growth in data continues at the same speed very soon all the hard drives and data storage devices will not enough to store the data.


Although the efforts to store digital data in the DNA comprises over 20 years. But they are of very preliminary in nature. The experts say the system could become more rapid and practical than those and are more strongly future ‘DNA drives.

In this process first digital data is stored bit by bit in a Nucleotide then all the Nucleotides are stored in a test tube sequentially. And these sequences can be retrieved in same order. The process is made fast and flawless with DNA fountain technique.

Despite its speed is still considerably slower than USB flash drive and hard disk drive. Experts expected that DNA Fountain techniques could make better and faster by creating a practical applications.

If scientists achieve this in future this could bring revolution in the world of storage. Because only one human DNA can store 1.5GB data. And  one gram of DNA can store 215000 TB digital data, which is indeed far more than any storage device produced in history.

DNA based storage can take up to 10 years to develop. Its development will be a huge step forward in history of storage.

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