Chocolates on Valentine

Why Do We Give Chocolates as a gift on Valentine’s Day?



On 14th February Valentine’s Day is celebrated in most parts of the world. In some countries it’s a working holiday.While outwardly over commercialized, the sales of many items, such as perfumes, big red balloons, cards, chocolates and jewellery(along with the prices).These gifts are almost seen as old-fashioned.

Just a cool fact to get us started…February is the time when chocolate companies reach an all-time high in sales and production. But the question is why do we choose chocolates as Gift?

Chocolate is considered a metaphor of affection, attraction, deep love, treat, passion and enjoyment. Some Researchers and scientists have conducted numerous studies and found that chocolate is also an aphrodisiac.



Chocolate also works as a desire and energy booster. It causes the release of Endorphins. Endorphins are morphine-like chemicals produced by the human body that help in relieving pain and induce feelings of happiness, pleasure and joy.
Chocolate is obtained from “Theobroma cacao” tree, which in Greek interprets as to “food for the Gods”. People see this message and think that if it’s good enough for the Gods, it must be good for their loved ones.
Chocolate has an enormous psychological and emotional effect on folks. It can show an honest apology, express true pleasure and happiness, start craving, reflect love, rekindle relationships and uplift morale.

With all these incredible benefits to humans and extraordinary taste, why shouldn’t we give chocolate to somebody we hold near and dear to us on Valentine’s Day?


Interestingly, there is a practice in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, known as White Day. On the 14th February, women present men their gifts. On the 14th March the men then present their gifts in return to the Valentine Gift, usually, white chocolate, chip cookies, jewelry, white lingerie and marshmallows. A general rule states that the return gift ought to be double, or triple the cost of the Valentine gift.


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