Causes of heart attack

heart attack
heart attack

Everyone knows the causes of heart attack. For example a simple person knows that fatness, diabetics and blood pressure increase the danger of heart attack. Similarly smoking and motionless life style are also a great danger of heart attack.

But some people are not aware from some little reasons that can increase the danger of heart attack. One should know these reasons so that he can save his life from heart attack.

Sleep: sleep plays vital role in making your body active and fresh. If someone makes his habit of restless sleep the body becomes disturb. The deficiency of proper sleep can make you disturb and irritable. This also increases the danger of heart attack.

A research says that the people who take sleep less than 6 hours become heart patient. The deficiency of good sleep causes high blood pressure. And everyone knows that high blood pressure is very dangerous for heart.

Migraine:  migraine can cause heart disease. The people who suffer from headache can have heart disease at any stage of life. If someone feels any type of sound or something strange it can be the symbol of heart disease.

Pollution: pollution is the major factor of heart attacks. When people take breathe in polluted air in the response the blood starts to freeze in the veins. There become the clots of blood in the veins. In this way the veins cannot circulate the blood properly towards the heart.

In this way the traffic jam can also the cause of heart disease. The reason of all this is the smoke of the traffic. While caught in a traffic jam a person gets depression. In this way the heart becomes disturb. So many people get heart attack because of the depression.

Negative thinking: anger and negative sentiments give pressure to the heart. The heart gets too much stress to perform its duty. In the result of this the heart gets an attack.

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