Michaelia Cash tries hard with minimum salary.


As Australian government surrenders on the minimum salary issue the employment Minister Michaelia Cash has made a floundering defense over it.

ACTU which is Australia’s peak trade union is seeking a $45 a week rise in the minimum pay. Union chief Sally McManus has said that it is fallen to a ‘dangerously low level’.

Labor declined to put a figure in its compliance, but said it supports a ‘strong and suitable minimum pay. So according to the news updates, fine rates for the low-paid are about to be cut.

But the Turnbull government is of the view that wage increases not backed by higher productivity.

It pointed out raising the national minimum wage was not a competent way to address relative living standards.

Government wrote in its 85-page submission to the Fair Work Commission that low paid employees are often found in high income households.

So Senator Cash told 3AW host Neil Mitchell on Thursday. it was often the case a household would have a high-income person and a ‘second person in the household that doesn’t necessarily earn as much money’.

Cash was asked how many of the 200,000 people on the minimum wage have ‘fat rich parents at home? Senator Cash replied that it’s not essentially fat rich parents and he’d never say that.

He does not have the number, but it’s not easy as to pick and choose a particular line from the submission.

Labor employment spokesman Brendan O’Connor criticized that  such comments showed the government was out of touch.

Mr o’ conner said that Government thinks that people working in low-income environments are usually from a high-income household.

The government is of the view that a higher minimum salary would threat job opportunities for youth. It will also affect the long-term unemployed and low-skilled as well as native Australians.

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