Can Apple buy Disney and Build an Apple-Disney Merger?

Apple-Disney Merger

Can Apple Buy Disney in $200 Billion? Is the Apple-Disney Merger possible?

Apple, one of the Tech Giants, innovative and flexible at the same time, and similarly Disney, world’s largest and most innovative filmmakers. Think if Apple acquires Disney, Apple-Disney Merger. It could be some amazing thing if the most powerful brains of Technology industry sites together under one platform. Latest Technology News.

The rumors are in the air, “Apple is going to acquire Disney for $200 billion.” We can say it is one of the biggest mergers of IT and Entertainment history if it happens.

Apple is currently holding the position of the largest Smartphone selling brand, with their iPhones. And they also have a share of PC and Laptop market.

Merger with Disney could take them to new directions, despite creativity and innovation entertainment is indeed a different medium.

It is not new, the history tells many times mergers happened it’s not a big deal. The world keeps spinning, and we are here to feel the shocks. It could be upsetting for Disney and movie fans, may be it will go as a wrong merger.

Movie fans still feel the impact of Disney merger with Marvel and Lucasfilm that changed all the brains under one platform and consequently variety suffered.

But Apple-Disney story is bit different; it is a great opportunity for both to expand the business. Disney keeps the flow going with more powerful and beautiful movies and Apple can make the iTunes and sale the movies on Apple App store. And Apple can sale both Disney Classics and new ventures at the same time.

The rumor emerged after the stories of Disney “Going to buy Netflix.” This is another potentially huge merger, Netflix is one of the biggest platforms to showcase the movies, and tackle huge audience. If Disney isn’t going to buy Netflix, then getting bought by a company that will help them stand their ground against Netflix may be a canny move.

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