Australian teachers fixed out at “indefensible” UK workload

Australian teachers fixed out at “indefensible” UK workload

Australian teachers, parents, and employment agencies have fixed out at misleading marketing practices which have turned the working-holiday dreams of some young Australian teachers into “untenable” experiences.

The exodus of young Australian teaching graduates overseas has boomed on the back of a never-ending deficiency of teachers in the UK and a flood of teachers at home, where up to 47,000 remain on a waiting list in NSW.


Contracts that “trap” teachers in deprived circumstances where up to 40 percent of salaries are taken through commission are just two of the concerns structured by Australian agencies and teachers working in the UK.

“The revenue is just unbelievable, the workload is invalid, when you are working 65 hours a week, there is no time for a holiday, there’s barely time to do your shopping,” said Renée Butcher, the mother of an Australian teacher based in the UK who asked her daughter not to be named to guard her future service scenario.

She said, “I don’t wish for other kids to have the similar experience that she has had. She didn’t go insightless, our next door neighbor went over and she was so shocked that she never taught again.”

Australian agents have told about the marketing practices of employment agencies eager to get their foot in the door of the profitable industry, which has a history of giving many teachers a positive start on their career path.


“You get staffing consultants advertising teachers to schools with high margins,” said Carly Liddell-Lum from the Point to Point agency.

“You might be told you are earning £130 [$212] a day but the schools are being paid £205 [$335] a day for a teacher so there is a drive from the company to get as many teachers into schools as feasible.”

While earnings have remained the same as 10 years ago, expenses for services such as transport have enhanced.

Ms. Liddel-Lum said under a certain supply deal, which frequently covers the airfare to the UK, unhappy teachers can be locked into a special school until they have salaried off the expenditure of the ticket.

Teacher-turned-recruiter Patrick Kearins said the expansion in the industry meant that forthcoming teachers had to take up a “buyer beware” approach.

Country manager for Protocol Education, Sam Swain, says agencies have to be sincere with their teachers.

“The thought of teaching in the UK is incredible, but the truth is very tough,” said Ms. Liddell-Lum.

“Marking every child every day, that is an enormous task. It can be a great chance for career succession, but you have to be ready to do the hard work”.


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