Australia Stand 3rd on List of Most Obese People, The Biggest Health Issue of Australians


It is said that health is wealth, and obesity is the mother of all diseases.

Obesity is the bell of danger for the health. In this age, the man is progressing day by day. He is trying to win the stars and the moon. On the other side, the shortness of time gives a very negative impact on the health of common man.

The life of cities is very difficult. No one can take out some time for himself. The developing countries are facing the problems of health. They are suffering from many diseases.

But there is a disease which is common in developing countries and developed countries. This disease is obesity. In a survey targeted America is at the first number. China stands on second number and India has the third number.

There are so many diseases in the world but it is becoming the major disease in the world. Obesity has become the international problem. The every third person of the world is suffering from the obesity.

There are so many advertisements about to reduce the weights on social media, newspapers and t v channels. These ads attract the attention of people.

We can categorize it into two types. First, is inherited, second is the result of overeating and laziness. Obesity is found in those people who only eat and have no physical activity. The people who work in sitting position are also the prey.

If someone takes a full meal and he has no activity in response he will get obesity.obesity

If he does some type of physical activity he will burn the calories and can avoid the obesity.

It becomes the reason of so many other diseases, it causes diabetics’, blood pressure and heart disease. A research says that it is also the reason of many bone diseases.

Bones Store fats, in this way the bones cannot do their duty properly. The extra fat becomes the reason of bone fracture. A research says that when the fats take the place of bone marrow than the bones become weak.

The obese people from Australia, America, and Europe are suffering from sugar and blood pressure along with it. Indeed it is the result of our lifestyle. We have to do some physical activity to avoid the dangers.


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