Campaign of sex equality starts in Australia


In Australia after the inauguration of women photo traffic signal, the campaign of sex equality starts.

This program is an experiment. The group behind this idea says that through this we want to eliminate the unconscious bias. In the main city these female traffic lights are installed on ten places. There is a mix reaction about these lights.

The critics are of the view that there is no need of such things. The administration hopes that the area where people are walking the picture of men and women will display. This thing generates the feeling of equality in the minds of everyone.

The chief of the group is of the view that the unconscious bias gives a strong impact on our behaviors and thinking. The signals will take the attention of everyone. This experiment is for 12 months but people are not wishing to prolong this.

The Lord of Millburn says such experiments are nothing but just jokes. On the other side this change is facing great criticism on social media too. In Victoria a minister is of the view that this is a small but very effective way to motivate the people.

This is a best way to include women in public places. These signals are installing before the national women day. The group dedicates these signals to all women.

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