Is it appetite for stomach or brain?


According to Nutrition experts there are two kinds of appetite out of which one is connected to our stomach and other is to our brain.Experts are of the view that we must keep ourselves away from brain’s appetite whereas to overcome stomach’s appetite we must east healthy food.

Both of these kinds of appetite have different symptoms which are briefly mentioned below;

Real appetite: Stomach appetite

  • It keeps on increasing
  • We feel emptiness in our stomach
  • Usually don’t crave for food
  • After one meal we feel hungry after many hours
  • Appetite got vanished when stomach got filled
  • We feel satisfaction and peace after having meal

Random cravings: Brain appetite

  • Suddenly start feeling hungry
  • It relates to crave for something special to eat
  • We feel the taste of that particular thing for which we are craving
  • We feel sudden and extreme cravings to eat
  • It can be felt at any time no matter if you just have had a meal few whiles ago
  • Even with full stomach you feel like eating more
  • Feel guilty after eating that why I had eaten this much



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