Another idea of US to intervene in public privacy:


Homeland security department is going to ask foreign travelers for their social media passwords.  

US immigration department ironically thinking about stricter rule implementation on immigration policies than ever.

The recent idea they came up with is to ask some visa applicants to share their social media account passwords. This proposal is alarming privacy experts.

Homeland security official John Kelly said “don’t come if you don’t want to give us information.” Kelly proposed the idea in a congressional hearing.

Meanwhile, after the ban or Muslim immigrants by US president, security agencies are proposing new procedures to scrutinize the travelers.

US home department thinking about implementing this imprudent proposal without judging the consequences. This will reveal much private stuff about the traveler like his personal beliefs, political affiliations and lot of things of his very private life.

That move was planned to help U.S. authorities mark “evil activity.” U.S might use the information to unfairly keep certain visitors out of the country said privacy and free-speech advocates.

Although homeland security thinks it as a fool proof plan. The question is how anyone can remember every signup detail? The security agencies can think visitor had lied if he forgot to tell some information

In my opinion this will cause countless harms an innumerable ways.  Consequently people will think before communicating, the affects of this will be more adverse then one can think.

Of course t is not bad to take actions on illegal and nefarious travelers.  There is no doubt  intruding in someone’s private life is not a way to do that. However US homeland security agency should think out of the box this time.

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