AFL Round 4: Sydney Swans will take on West Coast Eagles

AFL Round 4

AFL Round 4 will kick on today

AFL Round 4: West Coast’s premiership qualifications faced a stormy night at the MCG against Richmond. Eagles were in no position against Tigers speed in hot & dry conditions. Tigers smashed them and won the match in a sensational way. AFL Sports News and updates.

After the break of 5 days, Eagles are eager to hunt Swans; they are ready to win the match today. Another contested ball slugfest is on the cards against Sydney.

Meanwhile, Swans are also winless in the competitions, they fought valiantly in all the contests but all was in vain. The Swans are not out of shape but John Longmire’s injury blow the team; they win at very last moments in 2 out of their three matches. They could win the matches against Bulldogs and Magpies quite easily instead.

The Swans are frantic to win the first match of the season and keep the hopes alive to stay in top four.

WHERE AND WHEN: Domain Stadium, Thursday, April 13


R5, 2016, Sydney 12.16 (88) d West Coast 7.7 (49) at the SCG
R17, 2015, West Coast 15.13 (103) d Sydney 7.9 (51) at Domain Stadium
R16, 2014, Sydney 10.19 (79) d West Coast 7.9 (51) at Domain Stadium
R17, 2013, Sydney 17.11 (113) d West Coast 11.13 (79) at Domain Stadium
R16, 2012, Sydney 18.13 (121) d West Coast 10.9 (69) at Domain Stadium 

Some AFL Facts:

Sydney has a long dominance over West Coast since a long time. 9 out of last 10 contests belong to Swans, three of them are 50 plus points win. The Eagles’ only victory came in 2008 was in round 17, 2015.

West coast is 5th in 2017 ladder, with average 105 points while swans average only 97. This season West Coast seems on edge.

Both teams are worse in possession, Eagles on 4th place averaging 135 and Swans on 5th with 151 possessions per game.

If Swans lost today, this will be the 1st blow after 1993, when they lost first 4 games in a row. Meanwhile, after John Longmire took over, Sydney never lost 4 consecutive games in a season.

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