Pakistanis condemn ban on movie Raees


Pakistanis condemn ban on movie Raees because Pakistan´s ban on Bollywood thriller Raees sparked a social media backlash Wednesday, and after the film featuring Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan was denounced for portraying Muslims as terrorists, so government decision to bar the 2017 action movie came after Pakistani cinemas lifted their own ban on Indian films. Indian movies and Shahrukh Khan in particular are immensely popular in Pakistan and the film also stars a leading Pakistani actress, Mahira Khan, but unfortunately industry has become a political battleground amid heightened tensions between the nuclear-armed states in the disputed Kashmir region, Mubahsar Hassan, chairman of the Pakistan Film Censor Board, told AFP thatRaees portrays Muslims as terrorists and violent people, a second official complained about the comparison between Muslims and Hindus. He further said AFP on condition of anonymity that this movie gave a message that all Muslims do bad things and are involved in crimes while Hindus are gentlemen and they stop them from the dirty work, But fans dismissed the concerns, with many arguing that art can be about politics but politics should have no place in art. Pakistani film maker and journalist Hasan Zaidi tweeted that this ban on movie Raees is an example of the kind of absurdities Pakistan´s moral crusaders and groveling bureaucrats can attain on their own, a writer Haji S Pasha said that Ban on Indian movie Raees is a ban on Pakistani actress Mahira for her barely acting debut he further added that why Pak censor boards hate Mahira so much.The Pakistani cinemas announced last October a ban on Indian films following strained relations between Islamabad and Delhi, lifting it only last month.A lawyer and university professor Yasmeen Ali wrote that i support the ban on movie Raees owing to showing Muslims of a particular sect of Islam conducting heinous crimes & being terrorists.

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